Frequently asked questions

Do I need a membership to buy tickets?

Membership is not required to purchase tickets for Ritual at Manresa. Our experiences are open to both members and non-members, although members may receive early access to ticket sales and access dates which are blocked for members-only.

Is membership required for each individual to buy tickets?

No. A single member can buy tickets for the same night for multiple people, including non-members.

What is the cancellation policy?

All tickets purchased for Ritual at Manresa are non-refundable. Guests may reschedule or transfer their tickets with at least seven days in advance in case they no longer wish to attend their Ritual. Changes are conditional to previous confirmation with our ticketing team.

Can I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final and we do not process refunds. Guests may transfer their tickets in case they no longer wish to attend the event, conditional to previous confirmation with our ticketing team at least seven days in advance. Transferred tickets need to be updated with the new guest’s information, otherwise, we might not be able allow participation.

Can I reschedule?

Ticket holders have the option to reschedule their experience by providing at least a seven-day notice before the date of their original ticket. To initiate a reschedule, please contact our customer support team via email: at least seven days before your scheduled date. Rescheduling is subject to availability. We will do our best to accommodate your preferred alternative date, but it is contingent on the availability of slots for the chosen date. Transferred tickets need to be updated with the new guest's information, otherwise, we might not be able to allow participation. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Are pairing services the only options available?

Our culinary experiences are designed with an additional wine pairing service to enhance the dining experience. We offer supplemental wine pairing services and a non-alcoholic cocktail pairing service too. These pairings change monthly and are crafted in collaboration with visiting restaurant sommeliers. However, we also offer the option to bring your own wine, understanding the personal significance some bottles may hold for our guests.

Can I decide on my beverage options at the event?

Pre-buying the beverage experience isn’t mandatory, but it helps us ensure that your preferred choices are available. Our wine and beverage program is carefully curated to complement the exclusive menus created by our guest chefs.

Can I bring my own bottle?

Yes, you may. The corkage fee is set due to requests from our members, and it allows us to offer a service that was not originally part of Ritual’s offerings. If you would like to bring wine from your personal collection, you may bring one 750mL bottle per two guests. The corkage fee is $150 per bottle, with a two bottle limit for any reservation.

What are the non-alcoholic pairing options?

Our non-alcoholic pairing includes a collection of mixed non-alcoholic cocktails and non-alcoholic wines. These are specially designed to match the food menu flavors in collaboration with each visiting team.

How does pricing work?

We pride ourselves on bringing unique culinary experiences to our guests through our exclusive Residency program, where renowned restaurants from around the world are invited to California to showcase their extraordinary talents. The pricing of tickets for each Residency reflects a variety of factors, including the intricacies of the tasting menu, the need for special equipment and ingredients that are often flown in specifically for the event, the size of the visiting culinary team, and their origin.

A ticket includes a full tasting menu designed specially for the occasion. Beverage pairing options are sold separately. Tickets are made available at a fixed cost, with no incidentals except tax (9.26%) and service charge (20%).

When do tickets become available?

We open ticket sales 60 days prior to the start of a residency. Members, however, can request “early access” to future residencies.

Can non-members buy tickets?

Tickets are made available to non-members. However, some restrictions apply. For instance there are some dates that are reserved for members-only. For residencies more than 60 away, non-members can not buy tickets, and members can request early access. Remaining tickets (if any) may become available after we issue tickets to our members.

How does ticket availability work for members and non-members?

Members have unrestricted access to tickets. We open ticket sales 60 days prior to the start of a residency. When opening ticket availability for future residencies, we first process member’s ticket requests. After issuing tickets to members, we open the remaining availability to the general public.

Does the membership fee contribute towards the dinner price?

The membership fee and the price of the dinner are separate. The membership offers early access to ticket sales and other exclusive benefits, but it does not reduce the cost of the dinner.

What is included in the Membership?

Membership for Ritual at Manresa provides unrestricted access to tickets. Members can request early access for residencies more than 60 days in the future, and they also unlock access to some weekend nights which are for members only. The experience is also enhanced for members with: concierge service, opportunities to meet & greet the Chefs, and the access to our immersive Private Dining Room. Due to high demand for the outstanding visiting artists, we encourage guests to sign up for membership.

How many guests can a Member bring?

A member may buy several tickets for one night. They can buy tickets for a table of 1, 2, 3, 4, and up to 12 guests. Please note that  the member needs to attend the dinner party with the group.

Is there a private dining room?

Members may request to experience our immersive private dining room. This special room is available for parties of 8 to 12 guests.

Can I cancel my Membership?

Membership is $ 190 per month, and may be cancelled at any moment. However, if a member has requested early access to tickets far in advance and they cancel their membership, we will not be able to issue their priority tickets when the time comes.

What’s on the menu?

Each restaurant that comes to Ritual at Manresa bring their flagship tasting menu. Some Chefs decide to adapt some dishes with produce that can only be found in California, and bring their most special ingredients from abroad. Other chefs take their residency to create plates that will probably never be integrated into the tasting menu again. In any case, we always offer a tasting menu of about 9-12 steps.

Is there an available option for vegetarians?

Yes. This option is available only upon request. All resident chefs are able to serve a vegetarian version of the tasting menu. Please note: guests should request the vegetarian version with at least 72 hours in advance.

What is the policy for dietary restrictions and allergies?

Allergies and dietary restrictions should be included as a note during ticket checkout. It’s paramount that we gather this information from you early on, so that the chefs can prepare an alternative solution for any plate that needs to be changed. We are prepared to serve our guests according to their needs, however, we can not commit to providing full substitution of ingredients if we receive dietary notes less than 72 hours in advance. Given the rotating nature of our kitchen program, we can not accommodate for every single dietary restriction.

Is there a wine list to order a la carte?

At this moment we do not offer a list of individual bottles for guests to choose from.